PALLADIUM homme baskets haute 02477490M Pallabrouse Bleu

Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal


Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal

Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal

Puma Wild Sandal 36242201 Aucun système

Informations générales sur le produit
Marque PUMA
Nom du produit Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal
Informations produit
Couleur principale Vert
Genre Homme
Type de public Adulte
Couleur(s) Vert
Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal Chaussures Puma Wild Sandal
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La Pinte du Vieux Manoir boasts a lakeside restaurant with a lush garden terrace and three unique and relaxing accommodation offerings, the Glass Diamond, the Lake House & the Railway House, which are set on the spacious grounds along the picturesque Lake of Murten. The peaceful lifestyle and exceptional hospitality, which has been celebrated for over a 100 years, lives on at La Pinte du Vieux Manoir.

Discover “Glamping” in whatever way suits you best – through a delicious meal, a glass of wine or a comfortable outdoor experience. But above all, we offer rest , relaxation and peace of mind.

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